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Message Tegra 3 this semi formal dresses good thing, how can only get a asus play? From the official website of the XML support not carefully appear of several line information, it seems, Acer also seems to have two Tegra 3 flat corpses are waiting prom dresses 2011 for the market, model for A700 and A701 respectively. The most surprising thing is it's screen resolution was as high as 1920 x 1200, beyond Full HD! Although this figure is not necessarily the last of the specifications of the listing, but at least the proportion is reasonable-a generation bridal wedding dresses A500 is 1280 x 800, have been amplified the ratio 1.5 times, is 1920 x 1200. However, Ice Cream Sandwich standard resolution is 720 p, amplify says should be the 16:9 is 1080 p (1920 x 1080), so, the app running ICS, may be more space or waste? This may have to wait until the product on the market will know....... The size of the screen should be at least 10 inches, otherwise this resolution will dress shop online see cross-eyed...
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