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Message Computex cocktail dresses reported on in the j5create Wormhole is a can in the files between two PC, and when the USB line with KM, links and a PC laptop in very convenient, can save a lot of pull in flash drive, as well as copy into the cloned trouble. But only a small problem, that was only in the product of two "Windows PC" pass between data,wedding dress use Mac friends didn't get the chance to play it completely, and although in the j5create promised to 7, in August will have a Mac version, but it hasn't been below. But now supports Mac version of the Wormhole finally was in the house, and there are more surprise waiting. JUC200 (originally the first generation model JUC100) evening dress in addition to support the transmission of the PC to a PC outside, still can be in PC in PC and Android device drag and drop files between; JUC400 is in addition to a PC to the transmission of the Mac support from PC to the iPad (don't know what line length = = a); JUH320v2 is we saw in Computex prom dress heat dissipation great/port replicator strengthening version now also supports Mac. JUC200 pricing $$30, $40 dollars JUC400 pricing, JUH320v2 is pricing $130. At present's official website is not update this a few product.
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