Working poor family in Danao City
Working poor family in Danao City

Newsfeed display by CaRP Most families struggle to meet ends met and some are less fortunate then others. On the lower end of the scale you will find those families who live in a home made scrap materials or shanties. These unfortunate folks are called “Squatters.” Generally speaking, they have no running water service or water well, no electricity, no sanitation, no septic tank, no TV…….and have a dirt floor.

The family is usually made up of the grandparents, the parents and five or six kids. Who by the way don’t attend school since the family just doesn’t have enough money for uniforms, shoes, books, etc. The family begins each day to the sound of a nearby rooster crowing at 4:30 AM. If they are lucky they’ll have enough food for breakfast, yes its hard life compared to others. Soon the husband leaves to look for scrap material along the road for any thing that might be sold to a junk dealer; copper wire, old door knobs, plastic bottles, scrap metal – the list goes on and on.

And if there is enough household money the mother and oldest daughter will sell barbecue chicken or pork cooked on an open fire outside. The family will do almost anything to supplement and to add extra income. Sometime later around 7 or 8 AM, the older kids will rummage around along the edges of the road where people have dumped their garbage. The kids will hunt from side to side of the road for dumped garbage. As they search it reminds of the of old California Gold Rush Miners but in this case it’s pursue to help their family. Occasionally the kids will find a treasure of metal cans that can be sold. Afterwards the kids will return home to play be kids once again.

As it starts to get dark in the evening the husband returns home with a peso or two in pockets; just enough to buy a kilo of rice and some dried fish to feed his family. Before long the day is over and everyone turns to sleep…. Life goes on.

Chuck in Danao City


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